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Sponsorship of the Chemical Angel Network (CaN) provides access to ventures and technologies focused on chemical and material outcomes which can be a key part of a technology scouting or Open Innovation platform.  Sponsorship provides CaN support for work focused on sourcing and assisting entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.  Our CaN sponsors are invaluable to the support of the organization – and are as vital to our success and to the success of the overall entrepreneurial community as our members.

Our Network sponsors include:


Chemical Alliance Zone

The Chemical Alliance Zone (CAZ) was created in 1999 to channel and leverage efforts to strengthen our local chemical industry in West Virginia.  A nonprofit collaborative of citizens, labor leaders, educators, government officials, chemical executives and business leaders, the CAZ is dedicated to maintaining and expanding the business of chemistry throughout West Virginia.  Using a synergistic approach, the CAZ promotes the region to chemical companies, businesses that use their products and entities that produce related consumer-end goods.


As venture collaborators, ecosVC provides science and engineering innovators the training necessary to become successful in translating research into commercial ventures that address the needs of people and the planet.

GreenCentre Canada

At GreenCentre Canada, we take a "Hands on" approach to commercializing Green Chemistry Innovations originating from academia and industry.  GreenCentre transforms these breakthroughs into green products, processes and services to enhance quality of life and preserve the environment.  Funded by the governments of Ontario and Canada, and industry, GreenCentre is a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE) and the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR).


NCET 2 promotes best practices in the creation and funding of university startups by supporting entrepreneurship and providing entrepreneurial education.  NCET2 connects investors, economic development organizations, public and private funds and tech transfer professionals in building communities of innovation at universities.  NCET2 provides an annual conference for innovation stakeholders to share experiences and create a constructive dialog on how to best work together.


ONAMI is Oregon's first Signature Research Center.  A deep collaboration among Oregon universities, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, industry and the investment community, ONAMI accelerates research and commercialization of materials science and related device and systems technologies.  Since 2004, awards to our research members have grown four-fold, the number of companies using our NanoNet facilities have grown three-fold, and companies in our gap fund portfolio have raised over $119M in leveraged funds.

                 Polaris Battery Labs

Polaris Battery Labs provides vital processing services to rechargeable lithium ion battery developers.  The lab allows companies to evaluate and optimize their material development efforts through trial runs and designed experimentation, by building and testing cells and by providing assistance for the scale up to high volume production.  The technical focus of the Lab is based on facilitating material advances that can have a direct impact on consumer products and storage battery products both locally and globally.

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